At the March 1 Pickering City Council meeting, the council voted to remove Mike Moyer from sewer duties.

Pickering City Clerk Milt Sovereign will once again take over the sewer upkeep of replacing and repairing sewer pumps. Sovereign will be looking for someone to do the duties, hopefully by summer. He’s looking for someone to ensure the job is done correctly.

There were four sewer pumps replaced in February. The sewer plant and pumps are 15-to-16 years old. One property has had nine pumps go out, each with a different problem.

Based on the nuisance ordinance, Moyer is also going to receive a letter from the city requesting him to clean up the trash that is being strewn on the street and adjacent properties after dogs scavenge through the trash bags.

The city will start to take bids for the mowing and trimming due by April 9.

Two tables have been damaged at the Pickering Community Building and the council would like information on how the tables were damaged.


The April meeting will be at 6 pm, Monday, April 12.