At the August 6 meeting, the Pickering City Council expressed concern about motorists in Pickering not obeying stop signs and speed limits to Nodaway County Sheriff Deputy Austin Hann.

Among the top concerns were children either playing in the street or riding four-wheelers, go carts or other motorized vehicles, while cars and other vehicles zipped through town.

City Clerk Milt Sovereign said the children are as young as eight and are often riding the vehicles at twilight without lights.

Alderman Kevin Leedom wondered if the city could sign a contract with the sheriff’s department for additional services.

Hann stated the sheriff’s office can only enforce state laws and statutes and not city ordinances.

Leedom said the Pickering citizens are paying taxes and should have more law enforcement services available. He feels the sheriff’s office is not serving Pickering.

Leedom said Sheriff Randy Strong is trying to dodge the Pickering City Council. Hann replied the sheriff is trying to balance everything in the almost 900 square miles of Nodaway County. Hann said he was sent by Strong to answer all of the council’s questions.

Hann explained there were two officers on duty that evening, and since he was at Pickering, the other officer was working all of the calls in the county.

Alderman Ramona Pennington told of the school bus which didn’t stop at stop signs by her house. She said after talking to North Nodaway Superintendent James Simmelink, the situation had improved at the end of school. She is hoping bus drivers continue to obey stop signs and speed limits as the new school year gets underway.

In other business, the council discussed the current street project that is underway. Master Seal, St. Joseph, is sealing the streets, after a latex pre-fill is rolled into the cracks. The council approved adding three more blocks to the project. Sovereign told Smith that the project was limited to $43,500 and couldn’t go over that amount. Smith plans to talk to the project manager.

Pickering adopted the Hazardous Mitigation Plan resolution as requested by the Northwest Regional Council of Governments.

Pickering set the tax rate levy the same as last year. Streets will be $1 per $100 assessed valuation and 89¢ for the general fund. The city will ask for the maximum allowed.

The council reviewed White Cloud Engineering’s recommendations for improving the sewer facility. These suggestions include adding rock to the sand filter and perimeter wall improvements. The council is going to consider costs versus long-term benefits. Sovereign is going to contact White Cloud about what the city can do to reduce costs.

Because of Labor Day, the next city council meeting will be at 6 pm, Tuesday, September 4 at the Pickering Community Building.