The Pickering City Council met on September 2 to discuss city business.

City Clerk Milt Sovereign said the sewer repairs he is working on are almost done. He expects to finish rebuilding the walls and have gravel added to the sewer plant before winter sets in.

Mayor Charles Smith reported he had talked to Tyrone Pankau about junk on his property but had not been able to contact Jake Pankau about cleaning up his fire-damaged property.

In the absence of Dustun Law, Sovereign replaced a defective sewer pump for a Pickering residence over the Labor Day weekend.

Another resident reported a smell from her sewer line. Sovereign explained when repairs were made to her system, the contractor had run the sewer line on top of the ground. He’s unsure if there is a break but the property owner will be responsible for repairs.

Alderman Kevin Leedom told of the progress he has made on repairs to the Pickering city parks. He is donating the time to do the repairs and improvements but is trying to get area businesses to donate the supplies.