The Pickering City Council learned about the operation cost and maintenance of the city’s sewer pumps at the April 2 meeting.

City Clerk Milt Sovereign explains the operation and repair of the city’s sewer pumps as Mayor Charles Smith looks on.

City Clerk Milt Sovereign brought diagrams and parts to the meeting to help explain how the pumps operate for the city sewer system and the costs of repairs. Sovereign showed the parts, explained what each does and the cost incurred.

Sovereign took on the duty of repairing the pumps when the city realized the high cost of sending the pumps out for repair. He is now assisted by Pickering resident Dustun Law. Sovereign researched the availability of some of the parts and found that he could purchase them for half the cost at Best Brands in Maryville. After he completed the presentation, council members thanked him for his work and diligence.

The city received two sealed bids for lawn mowing services. The council accepted the low bid of $100 per mowing from Brad Judd Lawn Service with Alderman Brad Judd abstaining from the vote and discussion on the bids. The other bid was by Allen Thompson for $105 per mowing. Each bid included mowing, weed-eating and spraying as needed.

Sovereign is going to check with KCP&L about billing for the newly-installed LED street lights. The council noted that the city is not seeing any difference on the electric bill.

The council approved the purchase of “keep out” signs for the storm siren fence. Concern had been expressed about children playing inside the enclosure.

The purchase of six batteries to operate the storm siren was approved at a cost of approximately $1,073. It was determined that the current set had been used for at least six years. The batteries are maintained by a trickle charger. With storm season approaching, the council didn’t want to take a chance on the batteries failing.

Alderman Ramona Pennington asked the council to support the community building pancake feed from 11 am to 1 pm, Saturday, April 14. Proceeds will be used for building upkeep.

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