After the open and closed sessions held at the January 10 Hopkins City Council meeting, the council again moved into open session to accept Hopkins City Clerk/Treasurer Dee O’Riley’s resignation effective February 1.

O’Riley was approved an hourly rate to help the city as requested. Assistant Clerk Theodore Phipps was hired to take over as city clerk/treasurer on February 1.

In the first open session, discussion was held on closing an alley on Ada Street. Water Operator Chris Bird said an emergency vehicle could not use the alley because of a tree, trailer house and garage blocking it. Hopkins’ alleys are 12 foot wide.

The council will ask the owner who wants to close the alley to come to the next meeting and tabled the request. The council was leaning toward not approving the request.

Tax liens have been put against the properties on Barnard Street where the city had authorized the demolition of unsafe buildings. The city is now moving to send notice on three buildings on Third Street during January.

Bird updated the council on lift station repairs which are delayed because of parts not being available. Water plant repairs have been postponed until spring.

Carol and Marion Osley are retiring from mowing the cemetery. The cemetery board will be notified to seek new mowers. The city council will then approve the new mowers. Phipps was instructed to look up the old contract for the criteria of the position to give the board to use for bids.

The city has had complaints on trash not being picked up. The current trash hauler’s contract comes due April 1. The city is going to check to see if any other company is interested in the contract and will rebid the trash services.

The aldermen discussed moving the city council meeting from the first Monday of the month. The suggestion was made to go to the second Monday of the month, however, a question was raised on whether the bills would be paid on time, saving the city late fees from their creditors.

Bird reported there is a leak in the water tower. The city had signed a contract with Maguire Iron, Inc., Sioux Falls, SD, in the fall. The company should have a crew down by January 12. There was concern about ice forming on the cross members supporting the tower. Bird is running the water at night to keep the tower’s water level from getting too low.

A resident had a large water leak in their basement. The matter was tabled until Bird could get a water meter reading.