Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker called the meeting of the Nodaway County Commission to order at the commissioner’s office. In attendance: Walker, Bob Stiens, Chris Burns, associate commissioners, and Melinda Patton, county clerk.

Burns made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. The motion passed. Stiens made a motion to approve prior commission minutes dated 10/13/2020. The motion passed.

Public Comment: None

Approved: 2021 MOPERM property and equipment schedules.

Requisitions: Sheriff to Hy-Vee, Graves Food and Falls City Mercantile for inmate food and supplies; road and bridge to Gray Oil for diesel.

The commission held their quarterly officeholder meeting. Present included Recorder Lisa Nickerson, Diane Thomsen, public administrator, Collector/Treasurer Marilyn Jenkins, Geoffrey Woehlk, Maryville Forum and Kay Wilson, Nodaway News Leader. Nickerson stated the recorder’s office has been working on indexing back records. Thomsen discussed that her current work load of 71 cases. They are still asking that they restrict travel, so meetings have been via Zoom or phone conferences. Thomsen stated that she has been working on her continuing ed courses online to meet the requirements. Jenkins stated that she is gearing up for tax season, but is waiting for fixes from the programmers. An exterior drop box will be placed in the next few weeks for tax payments so people can avoid coming in the building if they choose. The CARES Act Funds have been disbursed for taxing entities, small business grants and civic organizations. She has been working with MTE on supplies for schools and entities. Patton gave updates on the absentee voting numbers. Also discussed 2021 budget worksheets have been sent out to officeholders with the request that numbers be turned in by November 13. Stiens brought the room up to date on the status of 2020 bridges. Five of the six planned bridges are completed. For 2021, eight bridges are planned. Burns discussed the trade of softmatch dollars for BRO funds. The commission has a contract with Jackson County. This trade allows the county to use more CDBG funds on other projects. The north windmill project still has a few road issues to work out, but is essentially complete. The south windmill project is ongoing. Burns stated that the commission has had many calls regarding COVID isolation/quarantines have been in communication with legislators to discuss. Walker reported that the employee appreciation lunch is set at noon, December 17. Rogers Pharmacy is being scheduled to come in to offer flu shots to county employees wishing to receive one at 1 pm, October 22.

A resident of Grant Township discussed issues on Road #954.

Ed Walker, road and bridge supervisor discussed projects the crew is working on. Ed Walker stated that he is looking into obtaining some leftover rock from a windmill company. Along with Tammy Carter, the commission discussed Bridge #045611 in Jackson Township that was denied payment by FEMA. An appeal was drafted and approved.

Tammy Carter, human resources director, along with Ed Walker discussed the salary schedule for the road and bridge supervisor position.

Roger Florea, Hopkins Township trustee, called with a question on road maintenance.

Kim Mildward, Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Government, emailed a revised letter requesting an amendment. The letter was drafted, signed and forwarded on to Allison Archambo, preservation planner and grants manager with the Grants, Recreation & Interpretation Program of the Missouri State Parks.

The commission met with Brett McLain, Northwest Audio Visual, regarding equipping the conference rooms with equipment to allow for Zoom style meetings.

Robert D. “Bob” Lager, candidate for south district commissioner, spent time discussing some of the current county issues.

Stiens made a motion to adjourn for lunch. All in favor.

A representative of Road Groom Manufacturing gave a demo of a piece of equipment called Road Groom on Road #613, #474 and #481 all in Polk Township. Several townships had representatives present as well.

A call was taken for a Federal Emergency Management Agency satisfaction survey.

Stiens made a motion for the commission to adjourn until 10/20/2020.