The North Nodaway R-VI Board of Education met in open and closed sessions, September 16, to handle the following school district business.

NN is taking steps to cover teachers’ absences at school. The district is now down to three people who will substitute because of COVID-19 fears. Paraprofesssionals and co-teachers have been stepping in to help cover the classrooms. Three student teachers are currently filling out the paperwork to become substitute teachers. With the state easing the requirements to be a substitute teacher, Superintendent Chris Turpin is hoping more people will take the online course. Individuals will still need to be fingerprinted and pass background checks.

Portable see-through screens were passed out to students September 22. The screens will be carried by the students to each class and are personalized for each student.

Inquiries were made about the board members taking the additional one-hour of board training together. Teachers have until September 25 to finish a sexual abuse training video.

The Nodaway County Commissioners declaration naming teachers as essential personnel was approved.

The ACES agreement at $24,278.16 was approved. This is a $2,382 increase from the 2019-20 school year. The services provided by ACES was estimated to be valued at $41,803.

The district will reimburse, up to $300 per student, for one dual credit course during their junior and senior year if the student receives an A or B grade. The district testing plan was approved and includes providing the cost of one ACT test or Accuplacer test per student.

The amended budget was approved. It included an increase in $91,000 reflecting paid delinquent taxes and additional revenue generated by the debt service fund from increased assessed valuations. It also includes an estimated $90,000 decrease in state revenues.

Expenses included increases in executive administration for James Simmelink’s consultant fees, operation and plant for the salary of the maintenance supervisor, and transportation for $6,000 to reflect the bus incentive program.

Actual counts of bus ridership will take place in October and February. For future reference, Turpin said the school district does not have to provide bus transportation to students who live within one mile of the school. NN currently picks up these students. The bus routes were approved by the board.

High School Principal Roger Johnson gave the board a detailed schedule of events for the October 2 Homecoming which will be held in Hopkins this year. The tradition of the high school students spray painting the street in front of the school will continue. For the first time, middle school students will get the chance to express their creativity with sidewalk chalk.

The middle and high school teachers have been reaching out to the students who have been out of school.

The state approved NN’s AMI-X plan which allows the school to shut down for an extended period due to COVID-19. Turpin inquired if the board would approve the district taking an AMI-X day to deep clean rooms and building, if it is needed.

NN was approved for the free breakfast and lunch program for children age one through 18 until December 31. If a child is not in school, the meals may be picked up at the high school by calling the high school, the day before.

Turpin was approved to complete an application for the 50/50 Connectivity Access grant. This will give each school building $4,000 to purchase wifi access spots outside. Turpin is also looking at adding hotspots through Kajeet for the school buses. This would allow students to do homework from sporting events and provide service to broadcast football and baseball games.