The Nodaway-Holt School Board met in a regular meeting on December 19 to hire a new superintendent and conduct the following business:wpid-Nodaway-Holt.indd_

Jeff Blackford was hired as the 2017-18 superintendent.

During a recent tornado, the school boiler was damaged. Although insurance covered the cost of repairs at the time, currently, the boiler has been in and out of commission for two weeks as the pipes have burst beneath the school. Repairmen fixed the pipes, but more leaks began as the system regained pressure.

Discussion centered around whether to replace all of the pipes or install a new heating system. Estimates for both options will be presented to the board in January.

The kitchen also needs repairs. Parts of the floor are rotting among other needs. Board members decided to wait until boiler repair costs are determined before deciding how to proceed with kitchen renovations.

Superintendent Karma Coleman is still in negotiations with the school’s insurance company MUSIC over the settlements from the tornado damage.

School principals have begun to tweet school updates on Twitter. Interested individuals can follow the elementary posts at @NodHoltElem.

Elementary Principal Rita Carroll reported that Project Charity was a success. Students researched various charities, including how the charity spends donated money. After hearing student presentations about the various charities, the teachers donated all money collected to the charity represented by the best presentation.

School resumes January 4, 2017, and grade cards go out January 6.

The school board went into closed session to review personnel matters.

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