NOCOMO Industries Manager Nicki Samson announced plans to celebrate the sheltered workshop’s 45th year of operation at the January 23 board meeting.

One of the areas Samson wants to emphasize during the anniversary celebration are the abilities of the NOCOMO employees and the services that the workshop offers to certified employees and to the community.

Samson voiced concern about some of the vocational rehabilitation referrals that have been received. She reiterated to the board that NOCOMO is not set up to handle individuals who have substance abuse problems and violent outbursts and who do not want to work.

She asked the board members to be willing to serve on committees for the anniversary and to look at ways to inform the public of NOCOMO’s mission and capabilities.

As of the end of December 2017, the financial report showed a net income of $319,318.26 and expenses of $301,990.73. This is for the current fiscal year which runs July 1, 2017, to June 30. On the income side, $256,393.89 is from sales and services, with $91,915.15 coming from recycling services.

The workshop also received $5,900 dollars in donations in the month of December.