This month the Nodaway News Leader will be displaying the artwork of Maryville Middle School students in its windows.

Chandra DeMott, the MMS art teacher, said, “I love how excited the students get to take their families by to see the windows filled with their artwork. While I display stuff regularly in our building, it makes them feel very special when they get to put their stuff out on display in the community.

“I work hard to display the student’s work as much as possible because I think it helps provide them with the opportunity to see others’ art and to look at the greater impact their art can have,” DeMott said.

“It is easy to talk to them about the value of creating for their own stress relief and joy in creating, but it is often hard to provide kids in our area with watching how art can impact the viewer,” she said. “Being able to display their work in the windows helps provide some sense of community viewing experience and interaction to achieve this.

“I just love being able to show the kids the various opportunities that connecting art to their community can provide,” DeMott concluded. “I also think it is great for them to see various businesses and organizations working together with schools to achieve win-win.”