Mosaic announced the Mosaic Child Care and Education Center will cease operations on August 14, 2020. The difficult decision was made in light of the pandemic and the ensuing financial strain on the health care system. 

“Mosaic has done everything possible to try and keep the Child Care and Education Center open for our community,” says Nate Blackford, president Mosaic Medical Center – Maryville. “We spoke with community partners, considered raising tuition, even explored the option of another operator running the center, but none of these options bridged the widening financial gap.” 

In 2018 while planning for the new child care center building, SSM Health-St. Francis Hospital anticipated a five-year grant that would cover a significant portion of the yearly operating costs. The state suspended the grant after the building was complete and occupancy increased, leaving a financial burden on the hospital. This and other unforeseen circumstances created an operating loss much greater than anticipated. 

Ownership of SSM Health-St. Francis Hospital-Maryville was transferred to Mosaic Life Care in April 2019. When Mosaic assumed ownership of the center in April 2019, the center was forecast to operate at a loss. However, that loss was much greater than anticipated. In the past year, many options were explored to reduce that loss to a manageable number. Unfortunately, none of those options were viable and/or not enough to bridge the financial gap. 

Parents and guardians will receive information on alternative options for childcare in the area. The center will close no later than August 14. This date was chosen to give parents as much time as possible before school starts to find childcare. 

Mosaic is dedicated to providing the best and safest, most compassionate health care in northwest Missouri. In the coming months, the future of the building and how it will best serve the community will be evaluated. At this time, the first anticipated move is to transition Outpatient Therapy into the building.