Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe visited two operations during his Maryville visit September 20. Besides stopping by Lettuce Dream to learn about the company’s workforce and productivity, he went to Laclede Chain, also on Maryville’s east side. Kehoe was speaking of the importance of the November ballot issue, Prop D and the urging of a “yes” vote. Laclede Chain told their story to the Missouri official, including the roots of the local industry dating back to near the beginning of Maryville in the 1850s. Presently, 170 employees make over 350,000 pounds of steel products weekly including industrial chain and ag safety items, raw product arrives to the plant via trucks. Kehoe shared a new initiative, from his and the governor’s office, called Buy Missouri. He told of a website where the firm can list their products for sale. “Missourian consumers supporting other Missourians,” said Kehoe.