Twenty-two positions on the all conference football roster for the Midland Empire Conference were filled by Maryville High School Spoofhounds.

On offense, first team offensive linemen were Jackson Bram and Tallon Noland; second team offensive lineman, Jeff Stooksbury and honorable mention offensive lineman, Blake Casteel; first team running back, Aiden Cullin; second team running back, Connor Weiss; first team tight end, Marc Gustafson; first team receiver, Tate Oglesby; second team receiver, Deon Metezier; honorable mention quarterback, Ben Walker, first team fullback, Trey Houchin and second team offensive returner, Oglesby.

On defense, first team defensive linemen, Bram and Noland; second team linemen, Gustafson, Jacob Davenport; first team linebacker, Houchin; second team linebacker, Drew Spire; honorable mention linebacker, Quin Collins; first team defensive back, Oglesby; second team defensive back, Metezier and honorable mention defensive backs, Weiss and Brady Farnan.