November 30 – December 4

Tri-City Friendship Center

M: Fish fillet, cornbread, baked beans, coleslaw and apples, fudge brownies.

T: Swedish meatballs, wild rice, broccoli, side salad, Jell-O with fruit.

W: Ham and beans, seasoned spinach, cornbread, pineapple and oranges, tapioca pudding.

TH: Barbeque chicken, potato casserole, peas and carrots, tropical fruit, oatmeal cookie.

F: Bacon cheeseburger soup, WG crackers, cottage cheese, peaches, gooey chocolate cookie.

Nodaway County Senior Center

M: Chili dog or spaghetti, seasoned baby bakers, peas and carrots, diced pears.

T: Biscuits and gravy or breakfast casserole, breakfast potatoes, spinach, mixed fruit.

W: BBQ wings or chicken strips, corn, Brussel sprouts, impossible custard.

TH: Pulled pork or brats and kraut, corn casserole, broccoli, cereal bars.

F: Italian baked chicken or swiss steak, sweet potatoes, lime beans, dinner roll, banana.