Maryville’s City Manager Greg McDanel gave an update on the South Main Improvement Project process recently.

South Avenue will remain closed through October 28th. The closure was originally estimated to be six weeks, and began on August 8. Several challenges with installation and testing of the new waterline delayed work on the subgrade and installation of storm sewer in this location.

Demolition and grading on the west side of South Main will begin September 28, to allow for installation of curb, gutter and replacement of concrete driveways. Newly concreted driveways will require a minimum of four days closure for traffic. If the business has two driveways, they will be poured one at a time. If the business just has one, then it will be poured half at a time for the business to remain accessible. More specific notifications will be provided on a weekly basis as the process advances.

Rough cut grading has begun on the realigned north entrance to Walmart. New traffic signals will be installed by mid-November, however the signals will not have fiber connectivity until January. All private utility work will be complete by December 31, which will allow for removal of temporary and permanent poles.

McDanel notes the project is approximately 65 percent complete, and remains on track for completion in the spring of 2023.