At the November 18 Nodaway County Health Center Board of Trustees meeting, the topic of a county-wide mask ordinance was discussed and ended with the board making a plea for residents to wear masks.

Administrator Tom Patterson took part in a conference call with two Maryville City Council members, Maryville City Manager Greg McDanel, representatives from Northwest Missouri State University and Mosaic about a Nodaway County mask mandate.

“I have responded in the past that Maryville being the population center for the county, it is likely more effective here,” Patterson said. “We would support other local city initiatives as we have here. It would be difficult to manage out of one office. This is the primary reason more of these are not in place in other counties in our area.”

Board President Marlin Kinman said mask ordinances are only as effective as the public’s compliance. The board supports and advocates for the wearing of masks and makes the plea for Nodaway County residents to wear a mask.

Wearing a mask is about caring and is a simple thing to do, Board Member Jackie Ross said. Masks are one tool in the fight to contain this pandemic.