Maryville R-II School District administration negotiated the installation of surveillance cameras on the district’s school buses.

Jarnik Buses Inc. Transportation Director Martin Farnan stands next to one of the buses outfitted with security cameras this summer.

Jarnik Buses Inc. Transportation Director Martin Farnan stated the cameras will help his drivers with student management on the buses, allowing drivers to see what is happening on the bus while they are paying attention to the roadways. He also stated the cameras will decrease vandalism on the buses. Currently, the district is seeing an issue with students slashing and cutting bus seats.

The cameras are wired directly to the bus battery and capture continuous video feed whenever the vehicle is turned on and continues recording up to a few minutes after the bus is turned off.

The information is stored on a 32GB SD camera card. Information from the cards can be uploaded and saved on the transportation director’s computer for analysis and record keeping.

Each camera, Dual Vision XC4s, is mounted on the front windshield and captures video of the scene in front of the bus as well as simultaneously capturing the full interior space of the vehicle.

The devices also come equipped with extra features including GPS mapping, showing exact coordinates of where each vehicle is at the moment of video capture. The director can also set the instruments with a speed limit. When drivers exceed the speed limit, the device will beep and alert them to slow down.

The cameras were installed on 13 district buses including all of the route buses.