Northwest Missouri Land Title, LLC (NMLT) recently announced the acquisition of Farmers City Title Co., formerly Raines Title and Abstract Co., and Holt County Title Company.

NMLT was formed by principals and key employees from Nodaway County Abstract and Midland Surveying Inc. The members are Shelbi Hayes Scheel who manages the escrow department for Nodaway Abstract, Adam Teale, vice president of operations for Midland Surveying, Troy Hayes who serves as the current president of Midland Surveying and Nodaway Abstract and John Teale, former president of both Midland Survey and Nodaway Abstract and currently serving as the corporate secretary of Nodaway Abstract.

“We are thrilled to say that Joni True and Marty Specking will continue to serve our clients in Rock Port, and Julie McCully has rejoined our team effective May 10th and will be operating in Oregon on a daily basis,” noted the news release.

Midland Surveying has served the Northwest Missouri community since 1972, and Nodaway Abstract was acquired by Teale and Hayes in 1992. During that nearly 50-year span the firm has assembled the most comprehensive land record library in existence for Northwest Missouri. This information will be invaluable to the company’s ability to provide the best search and exam services available in Northwest Missouri. This acquisition will add land transfer records dating back to the county charters for all three counties where the firm will be operating.

During the past five years, Nodaway County Abstract has undertaken an effort to improve and expand their services by implementing the latest in title production software, and more recently have converted all of the indexes to a digital format. The company is currently implementing a digital title plant platform that will greatly enhance the search and exam process. The firm’s goal is to expand those systems to include the Atchison and Holt County operations in the coming weeks and months. There are plans to also expand the company’s ability to offer remote closings, electronic notary services, and other online offerings to make services more convenient for customers.

“We look forward to offering the technology available in the city coupled with the small-town service our customers have come to expect,” was quoted in the release.

Services for any of the three counties can be ordered at any of the locations.

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