The Maryville City Council met for a special session September 7 to address the approval of the contractor for the South Main Corridor Improvement Project Phase I.

The council approved unanimously the low bidder of VF Anderson Builders, LLC, Harrisonville.

The federal highway administration and MoDOT had previously approved of the VF Anderson Builders, LLC bid of $10,697,854 so it was a formality of the local government group to also approve the bid. The Maryville City Council had actually submitted the bid to the federal and state entities.

The majority of the expected construction will be in 2022; however, some utility placement and other earthwork will begin this fall.

The project was made possible with the awarding of the $10.4 I-Build million grant, one of four in the state, several years ago with the help of US Congressman Sam Graves.

Phase I will be from South Avenue to Route V and Phase II construction costs hope to be funded by grants including the American Recovery Funds to be awarded to Maryville later this year.