At the June 27 Maryville City Council meeting, Rachael Martin participated in her last meeting, with her council member resignation going into effect at midnight June 28.

Martin addressed the council, giving thanks for her experience and wishing everyone the best in the future. The remainder of the council members reciprocated. Mayor Tye Parsons mentioned some of the development projects that Martin has been apart of in her eight years as council member, including Hughes Field House, Watson 9, Maryville Public Safety building and more. Martin will now pursue her personal career further in another town.

Maryville Parks and Recreation Director Jeff Stubblefield presented the MPR annual report. He reported that as of May 31, total revenue is at $1,218,548.51 with 60 percent of that coming from ad valorem taxes. Total expenses are at $782,030.59 with 67 percent of that coming from personnel.

The following items were approved unanimously by the council.

• An additional eight liquor licenses, seven of them being renewals. The seven renewals approved were Burny’s Sports Bar, Canteen, El Nopal, El Maguey, Maryville Elks Club, Black Pony Brewing Co. and The Hangar. The new applicant was The Palms 2.0. All the applicants provided the necessary documents. Clear Creek at 130 North Depot Street still needs final inspections in order for approval. They will be presented at a future meeting.

• A resolution to participate in the Missouri back-to-school sales tax holiday from August 5 to August 7. The holiday will allow the purchase of school related items sales tax free through those two days. Maryville has participated since 2005.

• Four Missouri Department of Natural Resources ARPA grant applications for various improvements around the city. The first grant application is for drinking water infrastructure projects. If approved, the grant will be used for a new larger water treatment plant with ozone biofiltration technology, that will be located at the Mozingo Lake near existing intakes. The project is estimated at $32,355,000 and the grant will provide $5 million with a $1 million local match. The second application is for wastewater infrastructure projects. If approved, the grant will be used for a sewer main lining and improvement project. There are issues currently with storm water running into the sanitary sewer system in parts of the city. The project will line collector mains in priority locations that will flow parallel to drainage-ways. The total project is estimated at $2 million which will require a $400,000 local match with the grant. The third application is for stormwater infrastructure projects. There are concerns of drainage problems from the hard surfaces of Northwest Missouri State campus, to the southeast into Judah Park. The council approved an agreement with Kimley-Horn and Associates, Kansas City for consulting in the West Maryville Drainage Study, which will cost $24,250. The city is waiting for the study to be complete. If approved, the grant will be used for a project improving stormwater issues. The total project is estimated at around $4 million, requiring a local match of $800,000. The fourth application is for a water service line inventory project. If approved, the project will be for a Maryville Service Line Inventory, to identify lead and copper sources, and to move into mitigation efforts. The total project is $180,000, with a $36,000 local match through the grant.

• A resolution to amend the primary use of ARPA funds. The adopted resolution increases the projects that are currently allocated to $1,761,490. The remaining $590,298 in ARPA funding remains unallocated and at the discretion of the city council. The resolution increased allocation of facade grants from $200,000 to $300,000. The city is looking at applicants for the facade grants. The resolution also includes allocation for West Maryville Drainage Study cost. The mental health patient assistance program for $20,000 based on agreement with St. Francis Hospital Foundation was allocated. A trail maintenance machine received a $24,900 allocation. Some decreases in the resolution are for Municipal Court Transfer going from $110,000 to $55,000, and the water treatment pilot plant from $500,000 to $432,000. Mobile data terminals at the Northwest Regional Communications Center also went from $40,000 to $28,840. Walnut Street proposed improvement decreased allocation from $40,000 to actual expenditure of $39,500.

• A lot split for a property owned by David Schmidt located at 420 W. South Avenue. The split will add .50 acres to the property from the other acreage.

• A contract with Visu-Sewer, East St. Louis, IL, for sanitary sewer main lining. Visu-Sewer quote is at $161,294,63, which will fall under the budget of $200,000 in the water/sewer fund for inflow and infiltration efforts.

• An application regarding funding for the East Thompson Street Trail Project, for the total estimated at $400,000 with a 20 percent local match.

• A contract with Dynamic Disks, Emporia, KS for a new 18-hole disk golf course at Mozingo Lake Recreation Park. The cost falls within capital improvements at Mozingo, with the price from Dynamic Disks being at $10,362. The disk golf course would be near “The Point” at the park.

The council went into closed session for real estate and employee discussions.

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