Erik Schreiber, owner of The Palms Bar and Grill, LLC, will appear before members of the Maryville City Council at 6 pm, Thursday, February 9 at City Hall to determine whether he will be able to retain his liquor license.

During the council meeting on October 24, 2016, Maryville Public Safety Director Keith Wood presented the third quarter report pertaining to bar establishments and law enforcement activities.

Wood stated that police received a complaint saying there were minors consuming alcohol at The Palms located at 422 North Buchanan. Upon arrival, officers found four people in the bar, three patrons and one bartender.

All four of the individuals were arrested. The three patrons were arrested as being minors in possession of alcohol with one also charged with being under age in a bar. The bartender was arrested for selling alcohol to minors.

The Palms has also had repeated code violations for nuisances resulting in a July 2016 court appearance.

Maryville’s city code allows the city council to hold an administrative hearing if there are concerns about liquor license holders. A special hearing can be enacted by an affirmative vote of three council members. The hearing will include all the members of the city council, city officials, the city’s attorney, Schreiber’s attorney and a stenographer for record keeping. Council members may issue a warning, suspend the license for 90 days or revoke it completely.