The Maryville City Council voted to cancel its contract with Wertzberger Architects, the company designing the conference center at Mozingo Lake Recreational Park, during the October 24 meeting.

City Manager Greg McDanel said communication challenges have delayed the project including the bidding which was scheduled to open in June and didn’t open until October. Since bidding opened, there have been six clarification addendums released and contractors are still unsure of what materials are required, therefore bids are coming in over budget.

The company has already completed 75 percent of the contract and has been paid for its services. This leaves $55,162 for any additional architect services. McDanel said the design plans are considered city property and will be returned. He will address the board at the next meeting with recommendations for moving the project forward.

Citizen Nicki Samson addressed council members. She is against the Maryville Elk’s Lodge #760 purchasing the former Assembly of God property as its new lodge location. The lodge is requesting a special use permit due to the residential zoning in that area. Samson claims her bedroom door is six feet from the parking lot and brought photos to show council members.

She asked council members to consider if they would want a bar in their backyard. She asked that Councilmen Tim Shipley and Jerry Riggs not be allowed to vote because they are currently members of the lodge. She questioned why the council has zoning regions if it’s not going to be consistent in enforcing the zones. She said by granting the Elks a special permit, the council is setting a precedent of granting any person or organization a special permit.

Maryville Elk’s Lodge #760 Exalted Ruler John Nelson addressed the council saying the lodge did not have enough money to build a new building. He mentioned the lodge would be used for a variety of community events including weddings and food drives. The item was tabled until next meeting.

As a point of information, Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Inc. is converting 285th Street into an entrance ramp onto Highway 71. This will allow the business to re-route its trucks and the city will gain new access to the highway. Kawasaki is fully funding the project. The city will take over maintenance from the county upon completion.

Data for third quarter’s reporting of liquor license holders was discussed. There were 71 minor in possessions. The owner of the Palms will be called before the council for a hearing regarding a recent incident of selling alcohol to minors. Pubic Safety Director Keith Wood said he would speak with the owner of Molly’s about going above the building’s maximum occupancy rate.

The council approved hosting the annual Christmas parade at 6:30 pm, Friday, December 2 concluding with a lighting ceremony at Franklin Park.

Eugene Field’s annual Speedy Spoofhound 5K run was approved for 7 to 10 am, Saturday, April 22, 2017.

Council members voted to approve splitting a lot located at 1003 North Dewey Street, owned by Jimmy Holt. The split will result in a new 1.32-acre lot. Holt is selling the lot to Travis Pierson, an adjoining neighbor.

It was approved to enter into a new $4,190.20 contract with Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments for the service of assisting with common community problems.

Aqua Blue Designs, Grandview, was awarded the $49,500 contract for two new clarifier covers for the wastewater treatment plant. The covers need replacing due to algae buildup.

Northwest student liaison  Jacob Barnes reported that 392 units of blood were collected during the blood drive which will impact over 1,000 lives.

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