Lettuce Dream, in partnership with Backyard Vine and Wine, will host Maryville’s first ever bacon, lettuce and tomato festival (BLT).

The event will feature BLT sandwiches, wine, cheese and sausage trays, games, live music and prizes. It will take place from 5 to 10 pm, Friday, September 14 and from 4 to 10 pm, Saturday, September 15 at Backyard Vine and Wine. Lettuce Dream President Diane Francis said this event has been a long-time coming for the area, but the original hope was to recruit a special guest.

“For a couple years, we toyed with this idea and actually want to get Kevin Bacon here, but I highly doubt we’ll be able to,” Francis said. “The reason it was chosen was because we are in the middle of the country and we have a lot of pork producers around us. I guess we could make it beef, lettuce and tomato with all the cows we have. But, we wanted to do something in the way of a festival that kind of says something about where we are at. And a BLT is kind of the Midwest above all things.”

A goodwill donation is appreciated, but attendance to the activities is free. BLT sandwiches will cost $5 and there will be a price on wine and cheese and sausage trays, but those prices have not yet been set. Francis said attendees should also bring seating in the form of blankets or lawn chairs.

Francis said there will be many activities for participants to enjoy while at the event. The live music will start at the beginning of the event both days. Friday will feature John Cerrone followed by The Friends, out of St. Joseph, and Saturday’s performers will be Nick Rucker followed by The Clue from Lee’s Summit.

Alongside music, those at the event will be able to take part in a silent auction, fish races and more games.

“We have fish races because we know the competitive nature of Maryville,” Francis said. “We have prizes that can be drawn for at the end as well.”

Not only will the festival feature local lettuce, producers from all over Nodaway County are being recruited to provide fresh tomatoes and local bacon. Francis said organizers are still recruiting producers and anyone who wants to get involved would have to just call Lettuce Dream and express interest. Lettuce Dream is also taking sponsors to help with the event. Interested companies simply need to reach out to get involved.

Most of all, Francis said the important aspect about the event is that it draws a crowd.

“We really need people to come to the event, enjoy their time at the event and participate in the event,” Francis said. “Hopefully it will become a yearly event where people want to go to the BLT festival in Maryville.”