The Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) awarded a $10,000 emergency grant to Lions District 26-M4 for flood relief activities in Holt and Atchison counties.

Lions District Governor Richard Warner, Graham, worked with Kohl’s of St. Joseph to stretch the funds further by using the department store’s Kohl’s Cash Back program.

The grant funds could only be used to provide basic necessities like clothing.

Over a two-day period, Warner met with 97 adults and 46 children at Kohl’s to purchase clothing. The funds had to be paid directly to the supplier by the Lions. The Lions earned $1,520 in Kohl’s Cash which was utilized to buy additional clothing on the second day.

One hundred percent of every dollar donated to LCIF goes to someone in need. LCIF receives no funding from Lions Club dues, and all administrative costs are paid through interest earned on investments. LCIF relies solely on donations from Lions Clubs and other partners for the grants which are awarded.