By Elizabeth Argo, Maryville Public Library youth coordinator

While it is not my desire to add to the growing list of disappointing postponements, we must once again postpone our 2020 Children’s Business Fair to a later date in the interest of public health and in accordance with local ordinances and best-practice recommendations.

We hope that COVID-19 is far behind us by mid-summer and that all restrictions are lifted at that time. I am committed to doing everything possible to ensure that the hard work of every one of the CBF kids is recognized and that they are given their opportunity to shine in a one-day market event.

That date is to be determined as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation. However, if a young entrepreneur has perishable items which cannot freeze well or if they decide they do not want to wait for the fair, they can certainly have their refundable participation fee returned to them once normal operations resume for the Maryville Public Library.

That being said, I hope that the kids look at this as an opportunity to increase their inventory and improve upon their businesses. That time crunch which challenges so many near the day of the fair has been removed.

Further, it is a good time to use critical thinking to explore other avenues for selling their products. Could they learn more about websites and social media at this time which could be posted closer to the time of the fair? Elevator speeches could also be perfected and practiced. Videos of creating products or a final commercial could be prepared.

Of course none of this is required, but may give kids a positive spin on this disappointing news, while also providing them with activities to work on in a purposeful way.