Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker called the meeting of the Nodaway County Commission to order at the commissioner’s office. In attendance: Walker, Chris Burns, Scott Walk, associate commissioners, and Melinda Patton, county clerk.

Walk made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. The motion passed. Burns made a motion to approve prior commission minutes dated 1/12/2021. The motion passed.

Public Comment: None

Approved: Invoice to National Association of Counties (NSCo.)

Requisitions: Road and bridge to Fastenal for supplies.

A seat on the Senior Citizens Special Tax Fund board that has expired was filled by Wayne Boswell on the recommendation of the board. Burns made a motion to appoint Boswell to the board. All were in favor. Boswell will serve a four-year term ending in 2024.

Ed Walker gave updates on road and bridge projects. The commission discussed the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) that was budgeted for each employee. No other raise requests have been approved for FY2021.

Doug Sutton, Wendy Combs and Crystal Ward made a FY2021 budget presentation on behalf of the New Nodaway Humane Society requesting consideration for the FY2021 budget. A discussion was held regarding 911 road sign inventory.

A call was made to Monte Ten Kley with Tenaska to discuss when the donations would be sent to the county.

The commission looked into a ceiling tile issue in the juvenile office. A call was put in to Larry Wickersham, Complete Outdoors, who stated he would honor the same pricing he had in 2020. The commission asked Wickersham to send a quote for additional outdoor maintenance for trees and flower beds. A call was also put in to Porter Trash who stated they will honor the same pricing in 2021.

The commission spoke with Tyler Brooks, Enel, regarding wind turbine capacity and an updated map of turbine locations. Brooks sent the requested information via email. An email request was sent to Meg Currie for a contact person in accounting.

The commissioners, along with Patton and Collector/Treasurer Marilyn Jenkins, worked on the FY2021 budget. A budget request came in from Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation.

Burns made a motion to adjourn for lunch. All in favor.

Jeff Meyer, Jackson Township trustee, stopped in to discuss reconstruction roads the township is considering for 2021.

Burns made a motion to commission adjourn until 1/19/2021.

January 15, 2021

Bill Walker called an emergency meeting of the Nodaway County Commission to order at the commissioner’s office. In attendance: Bill Walker, Burns, Walk,Patton, Randy Strong, sheriff, Major Scott Wedlock, Jenkins, and Geoffrey Woehlk, Maryville Forum.

Strong and Wedlock met with the commissioners to discuss the fire that had occurred in the Nodaway County jail on the evening of January 14. The fire had been started by an inmate in the holding cell. At the time of the incident, Strong, Sgt. Travis Cochenour and Deputy Jesse Bolin were still on duty, working a case and were on hand to assist with the evacuation process. Buchanan and Andrew Counties are currently housing inmates.

There is damage to the cell where the fire was started and to an adjacent cell, with smoke damage throughout the building. Strong discussed issues with the jail building itself, ventilation, fire alarm system, sprinkler system and the evacuation process. The court system will be able to do some court through the Poly-Com process. Strong has talked with Maryville Public Safety about utilizing cells at their facility in the interim if arrests are made however issues will need to be worked out with insurance, etc. Short term tasks will be set up for employees once the adjuster has been able to come on-site to do his report.

Strong reported the response time was exceptional by the fire department, ambulance, public safety and University PD along with the county employees on duty at the jail and working at the sheriff’s office.

Wedlock and Patton will work on the loss notice for MOPERM today. Walk will make contact with Continental Sprinkler Systems for an estimate for a sprinkler system.

Burns made a motion to commission adjourn until 1/19/2021.