Nodaway County’s Board of Equalization hearing on July 19 was opened by County Clerk Melinda Patton with a presentation of the Maryville Hy-Vee property’s legal description in question and introductions.

An appeal by Hy-Vee Corporation, represented by Gabe Noller, tax consultant for JW Chatam & Associates, a real estate appraisal firm in Lenexa, KS, on the valuation of the real property at 1215-1217 S. Main Street, Maryville for the Hy-Vee main grocery store and gas station buildings.

The property was originally a Maryville Tax Increment Financing (TIF) project which was taken out in 2021 and put onto the county’s tax rolls. The property’s initial construction cost was $6.9 million.

Rex Wallace, assessor, set the property assessment at $4,760,920, which would equal over $400,000. Noller requested the assessment to be $4,313,900.

Wallace noted a current appraisal should be higher.

Noller agreed to leave it as is.

However the corporate office might try to get relief at the state tax commission level or have a “pay under protest” hearing in the Nodaway County Circuit Court.