The Hopkins City Council met May 4 in the Hopkins Community Building.

The mayor, aldermen and city employees were able to practice social distancing and hold the meeting in person with all present.

Discussion was held on water tower maintenance. Chief Water Operator Jack Baldwin said the last time the inside tower lining had been checked was 2007. The lining had been applied in 2003. Ice forming inside the tower causes the lining to be scratched or torn.

An inspection needs to be made to determine what is needed to bring the tower up to state codes. The water tower will need to be taken off-line for three days to empty and inspect the tower. This can’t be done during spraying season.

Operator Chris Bird submitted a quote from Rock Asphalt of Uvaide, TX, for three totes each containing one cubic foot of street patching material. It is supposed to work better than cold patch at repairing potholes in city streets and not need specialized equipment to apply. Total cost is $870 with free delivery. The council approved.

The waiver of excess sewer fees was approved for the residents at 107 South Sixth Street and 507 North Ninth Street. Both had outside water leaks where the water had not entered the sewer system. The residents will pay the average of three months sewer charges with the rest being forgiven.

Mid-America Road Builders, Platte City, will be contacted to give estimates on approximately 20 blocks as outlined by the aldermen and Baldwin. Baldwin is optimistic the new patching material will save the city money on the upcoming street repairs.

Discussion was held on the city lagoon and a proposal by Advanced Microbial Solutions LLC of Carthage, TX. The lagoon was built in 1966 and has never been cleaned. There is approximately 13 inches of sludge; AMS is proposing removing 12 inches with microbes. The microbes can be programed to keep the city in compliance with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The project will cost the city $92,750.

Bird will arrange for a AMS representative to attend the June 1 meeting via Zoom.

A bid for $7,890 was accepted from Cornerstone Roofing, Barnard, to replace the EPDM rubber roof at the water plant. The building was constructed in 1991. Wind is getting underneath the rubber roof, causing a balloon effect. Baldwin and City Clerk Dee O’Riley are checking with the city’s insurance to see if any part of the replacement will be covered.

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