The Hopkins City Council decided to give City Clerk Dee O’Riley a 19 percent pay raise effective January 1, 2019, at the December 3 meeting.

The council went into closed session to discuss pay increases for city employees. After returning to open session, the council approved O’Riley’s pay raise and voted for a five percent raise for Chief Operator Jack Baldwin. O’Riley’s wages will go from $14,000 to $16,800 per year.

Part-time employee Levi Hensley received a pay raise on his one year work anniversary.

The final reading of Bill number 258, “An ordinance to repeal subsections A, B, C, D, F and H of Ordinance number 360, concerning rates, reconnection charges and deposits for water and sewage services and trash pick up services of the municipal code of Hopkins, Missouri, and to adopt new subsections A, B, C, D, F and H pertaining to the same subject and also repealing all ordinances in conflict werewith,” was made.

It was approved by the council and is now Ordinance Number 458. The rate increases will be effective beginning with the January, 2019, billing cycle.

The 2019 city budget was approved. The budget is estimating income at $403,100 and a balanced budget with $403,100 in expenses. The expenses break down is $257,600 for water-sewer-trash, $31,500 for general expenses, $29,000 for the light fund and $85,000 for the street fund. The street fund includes funding for a $60,000 street project.

The list of delinquent accounts concerning unpaid water and sewer bills was reviewed. The payment plan for the resident at 101 East Caroline was reinstated. One other delinquent water bill has been paid and is no longer on the list of delinquent accounts. The resident at 603 East McPherson Street has started a payment plan.

A notice of the April 2, 2019, municipal election was made. The mayor, one north ward alderman and one south ward alderman position will be open. Filing is from Tuesday, December 11 to Tuesday, January 15 at Hopkins City Hall.