At the August 6 Hopkins City Council meeting, City Clerk Dee O’Riley discussed the large number of dogs in town and the low number of annual dog tag sales.

With the increase in numbers, there have been more calls to animal control. Hopkins uses the dog tag fees to pay for these calls. Also, the safety issue of pets having current rabies shots was addressed. She asked the city aldermen to look for residences with canines so she can compare with sales. She is planning to send out letters after the next council meeting.

The council voted to have the tax levy hearing 7 pm, Monday, August 20 and the next September council meeting has been moved to 7 pm, Monday, September 10. Both meetings will be held at city hall.

Chief Operator Jack Baldwin has completed the specs for the painting of the pump house and drinking water plant. He is advertising for bids, which will be opened at the September 10 meeting.

Mayor Kelly Morrison and O’Riley were authorized to seek a higher interest rate on a CD that is coming due.

After a closed session, the council came back into open session to approve a pay increase of $3 per hour for part-time employee Levi Hensley beginning with the August pay period.

Discussion was held on the council purchasing properties at the county tax sale in an effort to clean up Hopkins. No decisions were made.

No additional delinquent water or sewer accounts have been added to or taken off the list. After discussion, no decision was made to add any of these to the property’s county tax bills.

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