The Nodaway County Health Center Board of Directors decided at the January 18 meeting to change their meeting time to 10 am on the third Wednesday of each month.

The next meeting will be 10 am, Wednesday, February 15 at the Nodaway County Health Center.

Tom Patterson, director, updated the board on the progress of hiring a part-time bookkeeper. He shared the MERIL lease with the board. It automatically renews each year. The board by-laws haven’t been reviewed for several years. Patterson plans to present them to the attorney, then review them in the summer for possible updates.

In 2016, the health center took in $515,772.84 in revenue with expenses being $424,170.16. Income was 104 percent of the projected 2016 budget and expenses were 91 percent of the projected expenses.

The projected 2017 budget has $455,551 in income with $491,200 in expenses. The health center has received $132,668.32 from Nodaway County property taxes.

A monitor will be placed in the lobby to display messages and public health videos.