The candidate filing closing date for the April 6 election where residents are selected to fill positions for their local town’s governing body, is Tuesday, January 19.

Nodaway County towns’ positions and the number of openings are:

• Burlington Jct, Clearmont, Conception Jct., Elmo, Graham, Maryville, Pickering and Skidmore, two council or board positions.

• Clyde and Guilford, three trustees or council members.

• Hopkins and Parnell, mayor, two aldermen.

• Ravenwood, two aldermen.

Residents interested in filing for these positions will need to contact the appropriate city clerk for each municipality.

Most of the towns in Nodaway County are fourth class cities, except for Maryville, Conception Jct. and Clyde. Maryville and Conception Jct. are third class cities, while Clyde’s classification is a village. These classifications determine what type of government each city may have and are based on population at the time the city was incorporated with the state of Missouri.

Schools’ board of education member filings are also closing Tuesday, January 19.