An upcoming in-depth soil fertility school from University of Missouri Extension for row crop and forage producers will address all aspects of soil fertility topics.

The program will cover topics of soils and soil characteristics; soils supplying nutrients and CEC; soil pH and liming; nitrogen processes, products, and management; phosphorus and efficiency; potassium; secondary and micronutrients, starters and other placement methods along with foliar; understanding soil test information and testing procedures, tissue testing and precision nutrient management and nutrient deficiency symptoms.

The program will be held evenings, from 6 to 9 pm with meetings typically on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The meetings start January 23, and will end February 22. This is a series of 10 evening meetings.

The meetings will be held at the youth building, 201 South Banyan St., Savannah. Pre-registration is required by January 20. There is a fee to cover materials and meeting expenses.

Registration on-line: or call the Andrew County Extension Center at 816.324.3147 or Buchanan County Extension Center 816.279.1691.

For more information, contact Wayne Flanary, field specialist in agronomy, cell phone, 913.220.3670.