By Wayne Flanary, field specialist

Check stored soybeans every two weeks during winter. Soybeans had quality and moisture issues in some harvested fields. Given these situations, it is critical for growers to monitor grain storage.

When outside temperatures change, temperature and moisture can change within grain bins. During winter, it is recommended to cool soybeans just above freezing. By doing so you can maintain quality. The goal is to keep soybeans within 10 to 15 degrees of the average outdoor temperature.

In addition, a good practice is to keep fans covered. This prevents moisture from blowing into bins during winter storage.

As you check grain bins, look for problems of condensation, insect activity and increasing grain temperatures. Track and record temperatures so you are aware of any changes. Technology can help you manage stored grain but it is important to inspect grain visually.

Also, you can test for heating by turning on the aeration fan. Check for odor as this indicates a problem or a higher expected temperature. In addition, condensation forming on the inside of the bin roof on a cold day is an indication of a problem.

Again, be sure to check those bins, especially those where high moisture soybeans are stored.

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