Nodaway County’s Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board (EEZ) met in September for the first time in three years.

The board was started in October 2011 to discuss the possibility of moving wind turbines into the area. Because large businesses often locate in an area based on incentives, the board created an incentive program.

The incentive program states that qualifying enterprises can receive a 50 percent tax abatement of improvements to real property, not including land or personal property, for 10 years. The business must employ two full-time employees and reach a minimum of $100,000 in capital investment as required by the State of Missouri. The program offers additional steps to qualify for a maximum of 70 percent tax abatement.

Qualified facilities must fall within the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes the board approved in 2012.

During the September 6 meeting, board members voted to add the NAICS codes for aquaculture and hydroponics in hopes of bringing in new businesses to Maryville. The codes will be submitted to the county commissioner’s office for approval.

Members of the current EEZ board are Kurby Kenny, Jeanette Schieber, Ray Meyer, Marilyn Jenkins, Rex Wallace, Erin Dinsdale, Damian Auffert, Jeff Mehlenbacher and City Manager Greg McDanel. Nodaway County Economic Development Director Josh McKim and Administrative Assistant Lisa Macali hold administrative seats on the board.

According to McKim, no businesses have accepted the offer, as those that qualify have chosen other incentive programs.

“It’s a nice tool to have in your pocket when working with potential businesses,” McKim said.

The next meeting is in November. Board members will be discussing expanding the ordinance to additional NAICS codes.

The Northwest section of Nodaway County has a separate EEZ board. It broke away from the Nodaway County EEZ board to allow for a greater range of NAICS codes to qualify for the incentive program.

McKim also serves as an administrative seat to the Northwest Nodaway EEZ board and will begin holding regular meetings once a year. Members of the Northwest EEZ board are Terry Nicholas, John Blackford, Larry Ecker, Dennis Monticue, Nell Cowden and Brooke Kinsella. There is one board position open at this time.