Lunch at Eugene Field Elementary in Maryville Missouri was extra special on January 10.

The third grade class was treated to a surprise visit from Chester Cheetah and the Frito Lay team from Topeka, KS.

Jake Breeding, along with close to 100 other third graders, had been working on  informative writing projects all second quarter. Jake, in Leeanna Lightfoot’s class, chose to conduct his research on Dorito chips. He went further with his project and wrote to the Frito Lay company that makes the chips. Once Packaging Lead Lawrence Clark received Jake’s letter, Clark and the Frito Lay team went above and beyond.

“I couldn’t believe the letter we received from Jake. He came up with this word, “Doritiolicious” and we loved it! We wanted to go above and beyond and show this young man how important he was to us. We wanted to make his dream come true,” noted Clark.

Clark, the Frito Lay team along with Chester Cheetah paid Jake and the third grade class at Eugene Field Elementary a special surprise visit and named him an honorary Frito Lay Employee for the Day.