Jefferson’s royalty are front: crown bearers Sam Holtman, son of Matt and Kaity Holtman, and Brooklyn Runde, daughter of Justin and Teri Runde; back: Queen Claire Galbraith, daughter of Mike and Laura Galbraith, and King Trevor McCrary, son of Brian and Marla McCrary.

South Nodaway crowned royalty are, front: Crown bearers Remington Heerlein, daughter of Brad and Heather Heerlein, and Ethan Holaday, son of Shelby and Kristen Holaday; back: Queen Taylor Thompson, daughter of Amber Randle and Jesse and Kristin Thompson, and King Tyler Vongkhamchanh, son of Christy Vongkhamchanh.

Platte Valley crowned its royalty after the Courtwarming games on January 21.