downloadSchools in Nodaway County are once again celebrating Red Ribbon Week.

The national event is October 23-31 with the theme “YOLO. Be Drug Free.™” YOLO stands for “you only live once.” However, each school picks daily themes that are best for that school.

Here are some of the activities area school children will be participating in:

Horace Mann fifth and sixth grade students chose the themes for this year. Students will bring a stuffed animal to school on Monday, October 24.  “Cuddling up” will remind them to live a drug-free life. Tuesday, October 25 is “dress as your hero day” to give students the power to be drug free. Wednesday, October 26 is “Bearcat or favorite team gear day” and will see students teaming up against drugs. Thursday, October 27 is “crazy hair day.”

Jefferson’s drug-free themed days are Monday, “we do hugs, not drugs,” Tuesday, “team up against drugs,” Wednesday, “don’t be crazy – stay drug free,” Thursday, “put a cap on drugs,” and Friday, “Jefferson students celebrate being drug free.”

Maryville Middle School’s themed days are Monday, superhero day: “You have the power to stay drug free. Real heroes don’t do drugs.” Tuesday, red, white and blue day: “United we stand against bullying and drugs.” Wednesday: Hawaiian day: “lei off drugs.” Thursday: tie-dye day: “Don’t get tied down with drugs.”

Nodaway-Holt Elementary starts the week on Tuesday with the theme “bullying and drugs are despicable.” Students will dress as minions. Wednesday is “join the fight against drugs and bullying,” during which students will wear camo. Thursday is “cuddle up to a drug and bully free life” and students will wear pajamas and bring stuffed animals. Friday is “team up against drugs and bullying.” Students will wear sports team apparel. Monday, October 31 is “say ‘boo!’ to drugs” day and students will wear Halloween costumes.

North Nodaway Elementary will wear red, white and blue on Monday’s “voting for my future to be drug free” day. Tuesday’s theme is “too bright for drugs.” Students will wear neon clothes and sunglasses. Wednesday the students will wear crazy socks and hair because they are drug free “from head to toe.” Thursday students will wear Halloween costumes because “drugs are scary.”

Northeast Nodaway starts Monday with pajama day to “put drugs to sleep.” Tuesday is crazy day because “it’s crazy to do drugs.” Wednesday, students will dress as superheroes to “battle out drugs.” Thursday, students will dress as their future selves to symbolize “don’t let drugs ruin your future.” Friday, students are “too bright for drugs” and will wear bright clothes and shades.

St. Gregory’s School has designated Monday as “wake up and follow your dreams – stay away from drugs” day. Tuesday’s theme is “be extraordinary – don’t do drugs.” Wednesday is “stay strong and fight back – enjoy your drug free life” day during which students may wear cancer awareness colors. On this day, money will be raised for Ava Blackford and her family as they continue to fight Ava’s brain cancer. Thursday is “join the crowd to strengthen the numbers – stay away from drugs” day and each class will have its own theme for the day.

West Nodaway is urging students to “#give.” The school will be collecting coloring books, crayons, puzzle books, toy cars, stuffed animals and other items for care packages for children who are in the hospital. Monetary donations and quart-size zipper bags will also be collected. All donations will support the Abrielle Neff Foundation. Students can “#DreamBig” by wearing pajamas on Monday, “#Support” by wearing green or teal to show support for those with dwarfism and spina bifida on Tuesday, “#Inspire” by dressing to inspire on Wednesday, and “#Imagine” by using their imaginations to create a costume on Thursday.

Eugene Field Elementary will celebrate from Monday, October 31 to Friday, November 4. Monday is “my character is too great for drugs.” Students may dress as a favorite character, without masks. Tuesday is “from head to toe, I’m drug free” and students may have crazy hair, hats and socks. Wednesday is “turn your back on drugs” day. Students may wear their shirts backward. Thursday is “your choices are the key to your dreams” and students may wear pajamas. Friday is “Eugene Field is drug free” day and students may wear school spirit clothes.