Nine Nodaway County elected officials presented the news from their departments at the quarterly meeting October 1.

Sheriff Randy Strong presented a three-page report that spoke to the trainings he and his deputies have attended since the last meeting. Most of the trainings dealt with human trafficking, which is a growing crime across the state. He also gave the statistics from his department.  Dispatch has had 413 fire calls, 1,466 medical-related calls and 6,227 legal service calls year-to-date. There are 43 sex offenders registered in the county. There were 25 drug possession or delivery of controlled substance cases, 12 cases of fraud investigated and 37 cases of burglaries and stealing investigated. He also told the jail averages 22 inmates.

Recorder of Deeds Lisa Nickerson spoke of her office continuing to scan documents for historic purposes and the new driver’s license law affecting the need for marriage license recordings.

Public Administrator Diane Thomson reported five new cases this quarter. She has had to deal with suicide attempts and other bodily harm incidents with some of her clients.

Collector Treasurer Marilyn Jenkins announced the upcoming tax season is upon her office, with all of the levies for the county entities being set.

County Clerk Melinda Patton described her office canvassing residents for the voter registration process and new voter cards will be distributed at the end of the year. She distributed budget worksheets to the officeholders.

South Associate Commissioner Bob Stiens reported there have been three soft match bridges completed and one BRO being constructed. Two more bridges were originally planned, but due to the increased amount of rain, the bridge crew has been detained with repair issues, so those are not expected to be completed this year.

North Associate Commissioner Chris Burns gave a brief update on the progress of the two windmill projects. Due to lightning damage, a new phone system is being implemented with each office having control of the specifications to their needs.

Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker said a new facilities maintenance person has been hired. December 12 will be the county appreciation lunch and a district-wide commissioners meeting will be December 19.

Associate Judge Doug Thomson explained the door locks to be installed at the Courthouse will be coordinated with the sheriff’s department. He told there have been over 560 criminal cases year to date, which is a large number, and now the circuit clerk’s office processes all Missouri State Highway Patrol traffic tickets, which has increased the workload of that office.

Assessor Rex Wallace was at the assessor’s annual conference. There was an ongoing jury trial which involved Prosecuting Attorney Bob Rice.