The 911 Joint Oversight Board met January 17 with the topic of future funding as the primary agenda item.

A report was given by the finance subcommittee to the leaders of Nodaway County, City of Maryville and Nodaway County Ambulance District. The committee proposed a sales tax, the amount to be determined later, be placed on a future ballot for the county electorate to approve for the total funding of the Northwest Regional Communications Center for 911 services.

There was much discussion among board members on the possible amounts, ranging from 3/8¢ to 1/2¢ with the smaller amount estimated to raise $1.08 million each year and the larger tax could raise closer to $1.5 million annually. A major portion of the operating expenses is the payroll category; however the board felt it was also necessary to have a reserve in revenue annually to address equipment replacements or upgrades. Both proposed tax rates would have some revenue in reserve at the present sales tax potential from Nodaway County businesses’ customers’ purchases.

The present budget for the 911 services and dispatch center is set at $903,000 with the county and city’s portion being $342,000 each. This year’s budget, which was approved by the Maryville City Council before they began the fiscal year for the city, October 1, 2022, did have approximately $90,000 for increases in salaries, which was also communicated with the 911 Joint Oversight Board in September. Within this budget is also the $75,000 which the Nodaway County Ambulance District sends to the city for their dispatches. This charge was agreed to go away if and when a sales tax is passed by Nodaway County voters.

The board agreed to proceed in drafting a memorandum of understanding between the three entities of the 911 Joint Oversight Board for placing a sales tax issue on a future ballot. The future ballot question could be on the August 2023, November 2023 or April 2024 possibly with the taxes beginning collection in late 2023 or mid-year 2024.

Special meetings of the 911 Joint Oversight Board will be held to study the drafts of the memorandum of understanding penned by Maryville’s attorney.