Nodaway County Collector Treasurer Marilyn Jenkins reported $2,399,046.15 was distributed to Nodaway County businesses, Northwest Missouri State, towns, fire departments, schools, civic organizations and churches.

Jenkins also told there are still masks, hand sanitizer and other cleaning products available for entities which need them.

On December 27, Missouri Governor Mike Parson extended the deadline to counties until June 30, from the original date of December 31, 2020, for distributing CARES Act funds. Counties are required to provide the state with their individual spending data by January 31 to receive the extension, according to the Governor’s order. When President Trump signed the latest COVID-19 Emergency Relief Package into law in December, one of the bill’s provisions was extending the date that CARES Act funds could be used on eligible costs by one year.

Jenkins gave more details of the county’s distribution:

• Office supplies, masks, hand sanitizer, gloves wipes, cleaners, $110,063.98.

• Equipment, UV lights, water coolers, handheld sprayers, air purifiers, $287,093.47.

• Material costs, fiber lines for Northwest Missouri State University Police, parts for water coolers, $5,799.10.

• Contract costs, legal fees, program administration, audit, $43,873.

• COVID-19 taxing entity reimbursement, $1,119,595.31.

• COVID-19 small business relief grant, up to $5,000 per business, $798,722.41.


• COVID-19 civic organization grant reimbursement, $33,898.88.