The Nodaway County Commissioners heard an appeal from the Public Water Supply District of Nodaway County to aid in the redundancy efforts of water distribution throughout the district.

Rural Water leaders Norman Wilson and Brock Pfost met with the commissioners recently to explain the nine miles of new water lines the district has planned to place to ensure the redundancy of water transmission to the Tri-C area of the county. While the cost of water pipes has increased at least three times during the supply-chain crisis of goods, the commission agreed to grant $150,000 to aid in the project which is estimated to cost $950,000. The project also entails running the additional line across the Platte River, which also contributed to the overall cost of the project.

The project, coming from the city of Stanberry, assures the southeastern portion of Nodaway County, including the Conception Abbey and the Benedictine Convent, water if the original transmission lines are compromised.

On March 24, the commissioners agreed to grant $150,000 to the water district which will be from the county’s American Rescue Plan Act dollars.

“We appreciate the county leadership realizing the ongoing efforts the rural water district is making to ensure the county’s residents have water,” said Wilson. “There are events which we cannot predict and we are trying to be sure they will not affect the flow of water to our customers.”

The district owns and operates a treatment plant, PSWD-East, which supplies water to Stanberry, Grant City and portions of Worth and Gentry counties. Plus the district has a connection to the rural Clarinda, IA, system and is presently negotiating redundant supplies with the rural Savannah system.