The Nodaway County Ambulance District Board during the October 14 meeting heard another report about a housing possibility for staff members if the COVID-19 virus dictates isolation or quarantine.

The board has researched during this meeting and the September 9 meeting, the possibility of staff staying on the Northwest Missouri State University campus in a dorm, constructing an addition to the district building which could include a storm shelter, renting trailers or modular home with either a slab or basement foundation.

It was noted there could be a possibility of receiving a grant to offset the estimated cost of $270,000 at the top end. No decision was made as the facility construction would not be done until next year.

The board discussed at both meetings the need for a new communication system between the ambulance driver and paramedic that would allow for isolation of the patient from the driver. Intercom systems for the ambulances could be purchased with CARES Act monies.

Director of Operations Bill Florea told the sales tax revenue deposit saw an increase of 7.54 percent from 2019. He also reported to the board there are two units that are in need of repair.

After a closed meeting, during the September meeting, it was decided in open session Alex Huntsman would be granted a merit raise of 16¢ per hour and a performance incentive of $437.50 and Jubal Smith received a longevity grant of $400 and a performance incentive of $500. Then in October in open session which followed a closed session, granted Doug Greer a longevity pay of $280 and a performance incentive of $425.

The board directed staff to pay Stephen Sporleder for 123 hours vacation time he did not use upon his resignation.

Boardmember Scott Walk requested Florea and Jared McQueen to prepare a list of what is needed in the near future and then what should be planned for long term purchases.

The training manager, Pat Greife, told of a past quarterly CPR class had seven attend, five attended the in-class emergency vehicle operator course training while 14 took the driving course. He also shared the mechanic CPR device had been delivered and full time staff is bing trained currently with squad members getting training in November.

Collections that were adjusted during the two meetings included: Medicare/Medicaid, $13,507 and other collections sent to an agency being $36,471.