The Clearmont City Council took time September 18 to discuss the continuity of the water bill waiver policies and the importance of record-keeping.

During a light agenda monthly meeting, the council, at the urging of Councilwoman Nell Cowden, spoke freely about the importance of the records, including the minutes and ordinances, to allow for fair and consistent governance. The issue was brought to attention due to the recent waivers of water bills.

Two examples were on the business portion of the agenda. Resident Faye Smith’s past issue has been settled. Debbie Engel communicated with the council through a Facebook post noting her situation warranted a waiver. Engel, who resides out of state, came to her Clearmont residence on August 31 and turned on the water meter. Because of that, she was presented with the $32 per month minimum charge. While the water that was consumed that day will be charged on her September bill, she felt the minimum charge was unfair. The council agreed and approved a waiver of the August bill.

Through this discussion it was noted that several property owners live out of the area. Because of that, the council decided water statements should be allowed to be emailed to customers who wish that service.

Other business addressed included the cleaning work and inspection of the water tower on September 20; street maintenance plans have been altered with the oiling of the streets delayed to 2019; ditching with possible tube installation will continue; and the progress on a draft drought ordinance to speak to water usage.