The Clearmont City Council attended to the business of the city on January 29.

Suez Water System Consultant Tom Stechmann, Liberty, addressed the council about his company’s option to maintain the town’s water tower. His services would include inspections, repainting the inside and out and any repairs which would be included in the maintenance program. The council took no action.

Resident Rhonda Smith spoke to the council about her water bill. She has been in her rental home since August. She has not paid any water bills due to her statement being unclear what portion she is responsible for and what the previous renter owed. She had been in contact with the town’s water clerk and still was unclear. The council agreed, with a $70 payment now, to wait until the end of February for full payment due to other circumstances.

Another resident, Patty McElroy, told the council she refused to pay the hookup fee due to the lack of a quorum at a meeting when the decision was made. She also shared tubes on the streets which need to be replaced.

Other business items addressed were: the bills were paid and correspondence was shared. Water meter reading was delayed due to weather.

The next council meeting will be at 7:30 pm, Tuesday, February 19.

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