The Clearmont City Council listened to Patty and Jack McElroy, residents, as they displayed their aerial map of the city of Clearmont at the January 21 meeting.

The case McElroys were pleading was that several structures have been built in city alleys throughout the years. They believe either all properties along alleys should be surveyed. Then, either all property owners should remove their structures or none should be asked to remove them. The council has been cohesive in their plan to only address alleys that are a concern of adjacent property owners.

Other business included the following items.

• Information received was about the state’s rural water association annual meeting and yearly fee. No action was taken.

• The water sewer report noted the same residents who have owed for several months are still delinquent for at least 60 days and they have been shut off. Water meters will be estimated for February due to weather. Alliance Pump, Kansas City, will install the new electric panel when the weather improves.

• New business saw resident Josh Carpenter inquiring who he could to speak to about his water bill.

• An alley survey update was given by Councilwoman Peggy Younger, who noted there are stakes placed in the alley, so the survey is completed. Donovan Harris, resident, said they appreciate the work the city did. Harris questioned if the alleys change, should the council determine which alleys are necessary?

• Councilman Herb Snodderley requested the city ordinances should reflect the common rule that city candidates cannot run for city offices if the individual owes any city bills. The council ask the clerk to write the ordinance for the next meeting. McElroys interjected they do not owe their water bill and ask the council to “take them to court” to dispute the outstanding bill. The argument branched out into more discussion about a past occurrence of trees that were cut down.