At the June 21 Clearmont City Council meeting, the council went over more plans for the DNA ARPA grant application for their sewer and water system.

Emily Wicoff, civil engineer at Snyder and Associates, St. Joseph, was in attendance to further update the council. Wicoff stressed the importance of the council needing to finalize a scope of the budget on the application. The council will look further at what needs repaired, and Wicoff suggested having a special meeting before the July 14 application deadline to finalize the budget. The council will look at having an inspection done as well to help determine the scope. The council approved the resolution authorizing the filing of an application.

One local citizen came into the meeting to look at getting her fence repaired after some damage was done to it from city workers.

The council approved the minutes from the May meeting and a motion to pay the bills for the month.

The city reported one water shut-off on a home, and the council discussed needing to send out a weed ordinance to a property owner. The lagoons have been mowed, and the mower will be getting new tires.

The city received a complaint that drivers were going to fast through an intersection where children like to play. The council discussed adding more stop signs, and they will evaluate it further.

The council approved a motion to go into closed session for real estate.

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