Property owners along an alley in Clearmont came to the Clearmont City Council on September 17 to get an answer about the alley’s apparent closure.

Donovan Harris, who recently purchased 315 South Pine, is having individuals drive across his property due to the apparent closure of the alley. Katrina Dolin’s property, which lies directly behind Harris’ land, has a fence down the center of the alley built by Dolin.

Dolin noted remembering in 2008, the council visited this issue when the Harris’ property was owned by Beulah West, now deceased. She recalled the decision was made to close the alley. The present council was not sure that if the decision was made, as there was no proper legal filing of the decision. Harris affirmed he had talked to the county assessor who said he had to record the official document.

City Clerk Linda Babcock said she will research the 2008 minutes to bring the history of the event to light.

Councilwoman Nell Cowden reported Midland Surveying would survey the block’s alley for $1,100. There was some discussion if the property owners adjacent to the alley would help with the cost. Harris said “yes” and Dolin said “no.”

Councilman Bill Harris reported the alley adjacent to his property had closed with all the official surveying and legal documentation at a cost of over $2,400 several years ago.

The issue was tabled until the next meeting, October 15.

Other business addressed:

• Babcock reported the PeopleServices bill was $756 higher than normal due to a sewer toxicity test which is mandated.

• The water-sewer report told of one shut-off, as the property owner has not paid for several months, and two property owners who need to be shut off; plus two residents who are making payments. The city used 287,700 gallons this past month. The lagoon repair is waiting for the new parts for the pump.

• The council decided to pay up to $3,000 for the repair of the tractor which is needed for the street maintenance work. They discussed the possible future leasing options for a tractor.