The Clearmont City Council met March 16 at the fire station with three council members, mayor, clerk and three individuals in the gallery.

The Peoples Service representative Kenneth Laythan provided a wastewater operation and maintenance report. Peoples Service collected routine bacteria samples and all samples came back coliform absent. A night time irrigation plan was presented to the council. Councilman Herb Snodderley made a motion to approve the night time irrigation plan. Motion carried. Peoples Services will submit the plan to MoDNR for approval. The council also learned about a network of water and wastewater entities which could pool manpower, equipment and other resources in emergency scenarios. Laythan recommended Clearmont become a member of this system called WARN. No action was taken by the council.

City Clerk Linda Babcock read correspondence from Andereck, Evans, Figg and Battagler, who is the law firm representing Jack and Patty McElroy. Patty McElroy was in attendance. The letter sought to find a resolution to a disputed water bill and a building that encroaches on city property. The council went into closed session at the end of the open meeting for the topic of legal matters.

City resident Josh Carpenter contacted the city clerk about installing a culvert by his property. He was unable to attend the March meeting but will approach the council at a future meeting.

MoDOT contacted Mayor Byron Clark requesting the city pass a primary seatbelt ordinance. Primary enforcement would allow officers to pull over motorists solely for not wearing a safety belt. Current state law allows only secondary enforcement, meaning motorists can be ticketed only if the driver was first pulled over for another offense. Clark will follow up for additional information as to any benefits to the city.

The water/sewer report noted 321,600 gallons used, no new leaks and two delinquent water bills. Councilwoman Peggy Younger asked the council to waive sewer fees when she fills her swimming pool. A repair will require draining and then refilling the pool. Younger stated that it would be 27,000 gallons. The waiving of the sewer fee has been the norm in the past with pool owners so the council approved the waiving of the sewer fee.

Within the street maintenance report, Donovan Harris, resident, questioned the responsibility of repairing a large pothole on the corner of Chamberlain and 71 Highway. The city believes it to be on MoDOT’s side of the roadway. Harris also asked the council when they would be grading in front of his house and asked about the tube in the alleyway. The council will coordinate with the township and Harris before blading and due to the condition of the old tube will replace it with a new one.

The council decided to let mowing bids and purchase an ad for a part-time city maintenance position.

The proposed city budget was approved as presented by Babcock.