Due to the recent weather event, the City of Maryville will allow open burning through January 1.

Materials permitted to be burned include leaves, small twigs and grass clippings.

Section 230.065 of the Maryville Municipal Code states: “All open burning shall have as its primary source of extinguishing equipment a water hose of not less than five-eighths inch in diameter connected to the city water supply. Said water supply shall be readily available at all burn sites and be not less than 20 feet from the burn site at all times. All water hoses shall be equipped with nozzles and the hose shall be maintained charged during the period of burning.”

Please refer to Section 230.065 of the Maryville Municipal Code regarding Open Burning Regulations.

The ordinance is available for review on the Maryville website at maryville.org or call city hall at 660.562.8001 for details.